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Browse new releases, best sellers or classics & Find your next favourite boo The angular momentum ladder operators are as follows: Where 'L+' is called the raising operator and 'L-' is called the lowering operator. We previously found the spherical representations of the L_x and L_y operators. Plugging them in will lead to the spherical representation of the ladder operators on the right Main article: Angular momentum operator A particular application of the ladder operator concept is found in the quantum mechanical treatment of angular momentum. For a general angular momentum vector, J, with components, Jx, Jy and Jz one defines the two ladder operators, J+ and J-, where i is the imaginary unit The ladder operators for the total angular momentum = () are defined as: J + ≡ J x + i J y , J − ≡ J x − i J y {\displaystyle {\begin{aligned}J_{+}&\equiv J_{x}+iJ_{y},\\J_{-}&\equiv J_{x}-iJ_{y}\end{aligned}}

Ladder operators for angular momentum Deflne L^ + = L^x +iL^y (28) L^ ¡ = L^x ¡iL^y (29) Note L^y + = L^¡, etc. Since [L^2;L^i] = 0 and [L^i;L^j] = ih† ijkL^k, flnd (check!) [L2;L §] = 0 (30) [L^ z;L^§] = §hL^§: (31) Now proceed µa la harmonic oscillator case|apply L^ + to Eq.(23): L^ +(L^2)ˆ = aL^+ˆ = L^2(L^ +ˆ) (32) so L^ +ˆ is an eigenfctn. of L^2 with eigenvalue a. Now apply to Eq.(24) The basis of the Hilbert space of simultaneous eigenvectors of H, L 3, J 2 is then made of vectors ψ n j m labeled by j designating the eigenvalue of J 2, m designating the eigenvalue ℏ m of J 3 and n somehow designating the eigenvalue of H. The angular momentum operators are usually written as L i rather than J i (16.13), the orbital angular momentum ladder operator L + is found to be L + = e i φ ∂ ∂ θ + i cot θ ∂ ∂ φ . Starting from Y 1 0 ( θ , φ ) = 3 / 4 π cos θ , we can apply Eq

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Ladder operators come from Dirac's factoring trick for the Harmonic Oscillator. They're also called raising and lowering, destruction and creation, etc, and applied to angular momentum (as your question) and particle creation / annhilation in QFT. All from this one Dirac-trick! By the way he used a similar trick to come up with his relativistic equation for fermions; today they don't teach it (it's too understandable), instead get there using spinors We have shown that angular momentum is quantized for a rotor with a single angular variable. To progress toward the possible quantization of angular momentum variables in 3D,we define the operatorand its Hermitian conjugate . Since commutes with and , it commutes with these operators. The commutator with is These are the components. Angular momentum is the vector sum of the components. The sum of operators is another operator, so angular momentum is an operator. We have not encountered an operator like this one, however, this operator is comparable to a vector sum of operators; it is essentially a ket with operator components. We might write fl flL > = 0 @ L x L angular momentum operator by J. All we know is that it obeys the commutation relations [J i,J j] = i~ε ijkJ k (1.2a) and, as a consequence, [J2,J i] = 0. (1.2b) Remarkably, this is all we need to compute the most useful properties of angular momentum. To begin with, let us define the ladder (or raising and lowering) operators J + = J x +iJ y J− = (J +) † = J x −iJ y

Equation 9 has the two functions which we will now on call ladder operators. The red 'a_dagger' is called the raising operator and the purple 'a' is called the lowering operator. A quick visual note about the operators is that the raising and lowering operators are complex conjugates of each other (they are actually the adjoint to each other). Since the operators are not equal to their own adjoint, they are not hermitian and do not correspond to physical observables. To understand their. where use has been made of Equation (4.26), plus the fact that and commute. It follows that the ket is an eigenstate of corresponding to the same eigenvalue as the ket. Thus, the ladder operator does not affect the magnitude of the angular momentum of any state that it acts upon

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A particular application of the ladder operator concept is found in the quantum mechanical treatment of angular momentum. For a general angular momentum vector, J, with components, Jx, Jy and Jz we define the two ladder operators, J+ and J-: J_+ = J_x + iJ_y,\quad J_- = J_x - iJ_y,\qua Physics 486 Discussion 11 - Angular Momentum : Commutators and Ladder Operators Problem 1 : Commutator Warmup Lots of commutators to do today, so let's start with a warmup of things you've seen before, and make a couple of important observations. (a) First, make sure these relations are obvious to you. If not, do some work until they are obvious: • ⎡⎣Aˆ,Aˆ⎤⎦ = 0 i.e. anything. Matrix Representation of Angular Momentum David Chen October 7, 2012 1 Angular Momentum In Quantum Mechanics, the angular momentum operator L = r p = L xx^+L yy^+L z^z satis es L2 jjmi= ~ j(j+ 1)jjmi (1) L z jjmi= ~ mjjmi (2) The demonstration can be found in any Quantum Mechanics book, and it follows from the commutation relation [r;p] = i~1 It is useful to de ne the rising and lowering. Ladder Operators are operators that increase or decrease eigenvalue of another operator. There are two types; raising operators and lowering operators. In quantum mechanics the raising operator is called the creation operator because it adds a quantum in the eigenvalue and the annihilation operators removes a quantum from the eigenvalue. For example, in quantum harmonic oscillator, creation.

2018.10.29; 角運動量の昇降演算子の交換関係と物理的意味につい Angular Momentum Operator Identities G I. Orbital Angular Momentum A particle moving with momentum p at a position r relative to some coordinate origin has so-called orbital angular momentum equal to L = r x p . The three components of this angular momentum vector in a cartesian coordinate system located at the origin mentioned above are given in terms of the cartesian coordinates of r and p. Angular Momentum in Spherical Coordinates In this appendix, we will show how to derive the expressions of the gradient v, the Laplacian v2, and the components of the orbital angular momentum in spherical coordinates. B.I Derivation of Some General Relations The Cartesian coordinates (x, y, z) of a vector r are related to its spherical polar coordinates (r,e,cp)by x = r sine cos cp, y = r sine.

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Commutation relations for ladder operators of angular momentum 1. 2. 3. 4. Similarly, [J ,a] a a i J J [J , J ] [J ,iJ ] [J , a ] [J , J iJ ] z y x z x z Ladder operators angular momentum pdf Raising and lowering operators in quantum mechanics In linear algebra (and its application to quantum mechanics), a raising or lowering operator (collectively known as ladder operators) is an operator that increases or decreases the eigenvalue of another operator. In quantum mechanics, the raising operator is sometimes called the creation operator, and the. 8.2 Angular momentum operator For a quantum system the angular momentum is an observable, we can measure the angular momentum of a particle in a given quantum state. According to the postulates that we have spelled out in previous lectures, we need to associate to each observable a Hermitean operator. We have already defined the operators Xˆ and Pˆ associated respectively to the position. B.2 ANGULAR-MOMENTUM OPERATORS In order to obtain the quantum-mechanical operators for angular momentum, one must first consider the classical expression ' ¼r ^p (B:5) for the orbital angular momentum ' of a particle orbiting about an origin O. Here r represents the position vector of the particle, and p is its linear-momentum vector. The vector product indicated in Eq. B.5 can be.

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  1. Angular momentum uncertainty relations. A system is in the lmeigenstate of L2, Lz. (a) momentum operator in the second term operates on r, 1/r, and whatever might be to the right. When it operates on whatever is to the right, we get a term that's the same as the first term. So let's just evaluate the second term when the p operates on r and 1/r. 1 2 p· r r = ¯h 2i ∂ ∂x x r.
  2. 1.Angular momentum operator: In order to understand the angular momentum operator in the quantum mechanical world, we first need to understand the classical mechanics of one particle angular momentum. Let us consider a particle of mass m which moves within a cartesian coordinate system with a position vector r. Hence, we can say that = + + (97) The coordinates x. y and z are the.
  3. In addition to their manipulation using ladder operators, they have rotational properties that are discussed in more detail in Chapter 17. Example 16.1.2 Spinor Ladder. Calling the angular momentum operator S, we write S x, S y, S z as the 2 × 2 matrices 1 2 σ i, where σ i are defined in Eq. (2.28): (16.27) S x = 1 2 0 1 1 0, S y = 1 2 0 − i i 0, S z = 1 2 1 0 0 − 1 . By carrying out.

Angular momentum operator algebra In this lecture we present the theory of angular momentum operator algebra in quantum mechanics. 14.1 Basic relations Consider the three Hermitian angular momentum operators J^ x;J^ y and J^ z, which satisfy the commutation relations J^ x;J^ y = i~J^ z; J^ z;J^ x = i~J^ y; J^ y;J^ z = i~J^ x: (14.1) The operator J^ 2= J^ x + J^ y + J^2 z; (14.2) is also. The classical angular momentum operator is orthogonal to both lr and p as it is built from the cross product of these two vectors. Happily, these properties also hold for the quantum angular momentum. Take for example the dot product of r with L to get . r · L = xˆ ˆ . i Li. 3.9 The ladder operators 3.10 Spin angular Momentum. I- review of basic tools: Commutation [A,B]=AB-BA [A,B]=-[B,A] [kA,B]=[A,kB]=k[A,B] [A,B+C]=[A,B]+[A,C] [A+B,C]=[A,C]+[B,C] [A,BC]=[A,B]C+B[A,C] [AB,C]=[A,C]B+A[B,C] Slide 3. Slide 4 II- Basic definition L r p s i n ( ) Magnitude: Angular Momentum (L) m Circular Motion: L r p r p s i n ( 9 0 )0 or: L rp rmv mr mr 22 v r LI & where I mr 2 v r. Angular Momentum Understanding the quantum mechanics of angular momentum is fundamental in theoretical studies of atomic structure and atomic transitions. Atomic energy levels are classifled according to angular momentum and selection rules for ra-diative transitions between levels are governed by angular-momentum addition rules. Therefore, in this flrst chapter, we review angular-momentum. course in a somewhat di erent context: angular momentum. Instead of adding and removing energy, the ladder operators in that case will add and remove units of angular momentum along the zaxis. They will therefore be an extremely useful tool in our study of systems with spherical symmetry, especially atoms. 4. Created Date: 2/23/2016 9:59:40 PM.

We have therefore established that the orbital angular momentum operator \(\hat{\vec{L}}\) is the generator of spatial rotations, by which we mean that if we rotate our apparatus, and the wave function with it, the appropriately transformed wave function is generated by the action of \(R(\vec{\theta})\) on the original wave function. It is perhaps worth giving an explicit example: suppose we. Ladder operators are found in various contexts (such as calculating the spectra of the harmonic oscillator and angular momentum) in almost all introductory Quantum Mechanics textbooks. And every book I have consulted starts by defining the ladder operators. This makes me wonder why do these operators have their respective forms? I.e. why is the ladder operator for the harmonic oscillato

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the angular momentum quantum number l are derived using only elementary techniques. The derivation is performed using formalism no more sophisticated than that used to derive the properties of the ordinary angular momentum ladder operators in undergraduate quantum mechanics courses. The properties of these operators, which consist of components of the quantum mechanical Lenz vector. found that, although for any system the allowed values of m form a ladder with spacing !, we could not rule out half-integral values of m. The lowest such case, =1/2, would in fact have just two allowed m values: m = ±1/2. However, such an value could not translate to an orbital angular momentum because the z-component of the orbital wavefunction, ψ has a factor e±iφ, and therefore. x angular momentum operator, but not an eigenstate of the S z angular momentum operator since they do not commute), the expectation value of the S z op-erator included both eigenstatesof the S z operator. Hence a third magnetic field along the z-direction produced both states. 11. This issue of simultaneous observation of x-, y- and z- com- ponents not being possible is purely quantum. angular momentum, ladder operator, quantum number, 각운동량, 사다리 연산자, 양자수, 양자역학 관련글 [양자역학] 4.5 양자역학의 행렬 표현 Matrix Representation of Quantum Mechanics Operator methods: outline 1 Dirac notation and definition of operators 2 Uncertainty principle for non-commuting operators 3 Time-evolution of expectation values: Ehrenfest theorem 4 Symmetry in quantum mechanics 5 Heisenberg representation 6 Example: Quantum harmonic oscillator (from ladder operators to coherent states

De nition 6.1 The angular momentum ladder operators L are de ned by L:= L x iL y where L + is called the raising operator, and L is called the lowering operator. With this de nition and help of Eq. (6.17) one can easily rewrite the Lie algebra of the angular momentum operators [ L z;L] = ~L (6.21) [ L~2;L] = 0(6.22) [L +;L] = 2~L z: (6.23) Lemma 6.1 If fis an eigenfunction of ~L2 and L z then. magnitude and -component of angular momentum operator in the framework of realization of su (2) Lie algebra symmetry. e azimuthal quantum number allocates to itself an additional ladder symmetry by the operators which are written in terms of . Here, it is shown that simultaneous realization of both symmetries inherits the positive and negative ( ) -and( + ) -integer. • Therefore angular momentum square operator commutes with the total energy Hamiltonian operator. With similar argument angular momentum commutes with Hamiltonian operator as well. • When a measurement is made on a particle (given its eigen function), now we can simultaneously measure the total energy and angular momentum values of that particle. ∂ ∂ ∂ ∂ = = − r r mr r h mr L m p.

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Three pairs of abstract operators are presented which serve as ladder operators for the orbital angular momentum quantum numbers l and m. These operators are used to prove the restriction of l to integral values and also to obtain matrix elements for orbital angular momentum state vectors. The calculations are based entirely on an application of the abstract (Dirac) operator method to orbital. In standard quantum mechanics using the ladder operator method, both the or-bital angular momentum eigenvalues, ls and the spin angular momentum eigenvalues, ss are always identical such that they. Work out the commutation relations between the Cartesian components of angular momentum and a total angular momentum operator, $\hat L^2$, where classically: $$\myv L=\myv r \times \myv p$$. Define and use some ladder operators which raise and lower the eigenfunctions of the $\hat L_z$ operator. This will allow us to find the eigenvalues of the $\hat L_z$ and $\hat L^2$ operators without ever. Using the latest developed theory on the nonlinear algebra,an algebraic equation which the general ladder operators for angular momentum must satisfy is obtained.These ladder operators are constructed which can shift the angular quantum numbers and the magnetic quantum numbers for all kinds of angular momentum eigenstates Since spin is some kind of angular momentum we just use again the Lie algebra 3, which we found for the angular momentum observables, and replace the operator ~Lby S~ [S i;S j] = i~ ijkS k: (7.17) The spin observable squared also commutes with all the spin components, as in Eq. (6.19) h S~2;S i i = 0 : (7.18) Still in total analogy with De nition 6.1 we can construct ladder operators S S:= S x.

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Angular momentum operators, algebra Kets for states w/good angular momentum Ladder operators Spherical harmonics Rotational matrix elements • Rotationally symmetric energy eigen functions Square well, Bessel functions • Intrinsic spin Pauli matrices, spinors • Coupling of angular momenta, Clebsch-Gordan Wigner Eckart Theorem Spherical tensors • Exchange symmetry. W. Udo Schröder, 2019. Matrix representation of angular momentum operators: So far the angular momen-tum operators L2 and L i's are associated with di erential operators. Though not explicitly written, di erential operators corresponding to L follows trivially from its de nition (28). For generalizing the treatment of angular momentum to, say, spin or any other intrinsic angular momentum, the notion of angular.

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In the case of a freely spinning anisotropic molecule, the total angular momentum J is obtained from the sum of the orbital angular momentum L and spin angular momentum S for the molecular constituents: \(J=L+S, \text {where} L=\sum_{i} L_{i} \text {and} S=\sum_{i} S_{i}\). The case of the rigid rotor refers to the minimal model for the rotational quantum states of a freely spinning object. The angular momentum matrices fulfill the commutation relation and all its cyclic permutations. qit.utils.boson_ladder(*args)¶ Bosonic ladder operators. Parameters: d (int) - truncation dimension: Returns: bosonic annihilation operator : Returns the d-dimensional approximation of the bosonic annihilation operator for a single bosonic mode in the number basis . The corresponding creation. Angular momentum operator commutator against position and Hamiltonian of a free particle . B Supriadi1, T Prihandono1, V Rizqiyah1, Z ladders. Some postulates underlying the formulation of Quantum mechanicsinclude state representation, dynamic variable representation, system evolution, and motion constants. The operator method is a product of the postulate dynamic variable representation.

ANGULAR MOMENTUM LADDER OPERATOR FORMALISM FOR LINEAR MOLECULES. View/ Open. 1973-S-06.jpg (179.5Kb) Creators: Hougen, Jon T. Issue Date: 1973. Metadata Show full item record. Publisher: Ohio State University. Abstract:. These are some notes, mostly for my own benefit, on annihilation, creation, and ladder operators in quantum mechanics, with a few remarks towards the end on angular momentum, spin and Clebsch-Gordan coefficients. First, the abstract definition: if T, L: V → V are linear operators on a vector space V over a field K, then L is sai The common approach is to use operator techniques and commutation relations between operators to provide a consistent theoretical framework, which is also convenient for computation. The course starts with a review of angular momentum theory and its ladder operators and considers a wide range of applications (atomic term symbols, spin eigenfunctions, NMR and ESR spectroscopy, spin-orbit. m = 0 using angular momentum ladder operators (see quantum mechanics of hydrogen atom). So it would be unnecessarily heroic to directly solve this equation for m (= 0. In this course we will only solve this equation for m = 0. 6.2.4 Solving the Legendre equation For m = 0 we can write the special case as the Legendre Equation: % (1−w2) d2 dw2 −2w d dw +λ & Θ(w) = 0. We apply the.

Chapter 6 Ladder operators: angular momentum 131 6.1 The ladder operator method for the angular momentum spectrum 131 6.2 Electron spin 135 6.3 Addition of angular momenta 137 References 143 Problems 144 Chapter 7 Symmetry and the solution of the Schrödinger equation 147 7.1 Three-dimensional systems with spherical symmetry 147 7.2 The hydrogen atom 150 7.3 Atomic structure 156 7.4 Periodic. Angular momentum operators. Angular momentum operators are self-adjoint operators j x, j y, and j z that satisfy the commutation relations. where ε klm is the Levi-Civita symbol.Together the three operators define a vector operator, a rank one Cartesian tensor operator,. It also known as a spherical vector, since it is also a spherical tensor operator.It is only for rank one that spherical. Total angular momentum and reducible operators Another point worth noticing is that in the total basis, our space has split into two separate spaces with total \( j=3/2 \) and \( j=1/2 \). The raising and lowering operators \( \hat{J}_{\pm} \) do not connect these two spaces together; we can think of now having two complete Hilbert spaces in terms of \( \hat{\vec{J}} \) that don't overlap Quantum Mechanics of Angular Momentum • • Classical Angular Momentum Quantum Mechanical Angular Momentum

1 Raising and lowering operators for angular momentum quantum numbers l in spherical harmonics Q. H. Liu∗, D. M. Xun, and L. Shan Key Laboratory for Micro-Nano Optoelectronic Devices of Ministry. This is the defining commutation relation for the operator \( \hat{J} \), which we identify as the angular momentum operator, are known as angular-momentum ladder operators or raising and lowering operators, a name which will make more sense shortly. Notice that these are not Hermitian operators; in fact, the complex transpose of one is the other, \[ \begin{aligned} \hat{J}_+^\dagger. Angular momentum First off, we know J=L+S. Which one you use depends on your system. I'm most used to seeing it expressed with L, but the same relations hold for the other values. The raising and lowering operators are expresses interms of the direstional angular momentum operators shown here in cartesian. They get much uglier in spherical coordinates. http : // ursula.chem.yale.edu/~batista.

The angular momentum ladder operators J = J 1 iJ 2 assume a particularly simple form J + = a y 1 a 2; J = a 1a y 2: (8) The angular momentum squared, J~2 = J 2 1 + J 2 + J 3 2, reads J~2 = J2 3 + 1 2 (J +J + J J ) = 1 4 (ay 1 a 1 a y 2 a 2) 2 + 1 2 (ay 1 a 1 a 2a y 2 + a y 2 a 2 a 1a y 1) = 1 4 (N2 1 2NN 2 + N 2 2) + 1 2 (N 1N N + NN N) = N 2 N 2 + 1 ; (9) where, in passing, we have denoted by. Ladder operators angular momentum pdf Ladder Operators are operators that increase or decrease eigenvalue of another operator. There are two types; raising operators and lowering operators. In quantum mechanics the raising operator is called the creation operator because it adds a quantum in the eigenvalue and the annihilation operators removes a quantum from the eigenvalue. For example, in. Angular momentum. The operator J, whose Cartesian components satisfy the commutation relations [J i,J j] = ε ijk iħJ k is defined as an angular momentum operator. For such an operator we have [J i,J 2] = 0, i.e. the operator J 2 = J x 2 + J y 2 + J z 2 commutes with each Cartesian component of J.We can therefore find an orthonormal basis of eigenfunctions common to J 2 and J z

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We now want to find the eigenfunctions and eigenvlaues of the angular compatible momentum operators. In analogy with the quantum harmonic oscillator we can think of quantum angular momentum in terms of a ladder of states. We can define ladder operators as += + and −= − . This can be. angular-momentum operator (i.e. satis es the angular-momentum algebra). We have e.g. [Sb x;Sb y] = [Sb 1x + Sb 2x;Sb 1y + Sb 2y] = [Sb 1x; Sb 1y] + [Sb 2x ; Sb 2y] + 0 + 0 = ih Sb 1z + i hSb 2z = i hSb z: (T13.3) But then our \theory of angular momenta enters with full force. According to this theory, the possible eigenvalues of Sb2 = (Sb 1 + Sb 2)2 are h2s(s+ 1), where anything but integer.

We will be going through the derivation of the angular momentum operator algebra. The only inputs to this mathematical formalism are the basic assump-tions of quantum mechanics operators and the commutation relation between the components of angular momentum. Axiom 1.1. [J i,J j] = i~ P k ijkJ k or J×J = i~J Since this is the only input, any operators that satisfy these commutation relations. lation ladder operators, but it does not generally apply, for example, to functions of angular momentum operators. When dealing with angular momentum operators, one would need to reex-press them as functions of position and momentum, and then apply the formula to those operators directly. It does apply to functions of noncommuting position and momentum operators as con-sidered in. Phys 487 Discussion 1 - Angular Momentum & Commutator Algebra When we first studied angular momentum, we combined the relation ! L=! r ×! p and the QM operators!ˆ r=! r=(x,y,z) & !pˆ= i! ∇= i ∂ ∂x, ∂ ∂y, ∂ ∂z ⎛ ⎝⎜ ⎞ ⎠⎟ to obtain the operator !ˆ L for orbital angular momentum. In particular, we found these commutation relations : Lˆ2,Lˆ i ⎡ ⎣ ⎤ ⎦=0. 4/14 32 4.3 Angular Momentum Operator 4/16 33 4.3 Ladder Operator for Angular Momentum Week 12 4/19 34 Chapters 3, 4 (roughly) EXAM #2 4/21 35 4.3 Angular Momentum Operator Eigenfunctions 4/23 36 4.4 Spin-1/2 #9 Week 13 4/26 37 4.4 Pauli Spin Matrices 9 4/28 38 4.4 Electron in a Magnetic Field 4/30 39 4.4 Addition of Angular Momenta #10 Week 14 5/3 40 4.4 Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients 10 5/5 41. angular momentum with • In terms of isospin: d u • In general Prof. M.A. T Michaelmas 2009 214 • Can define isospin ladder operators - analogous to spin ladder operators Step up/down in until reach end of multiplet • Ladder operators turn and u dd u Combination of isospin: e.g. what is the isospin of a system of two d quarks, is exactly analogous to combination of spin (i.e.

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Show transcribed image text Problem 5.3: Angular momentum ladder operators. (40 points) An angular momentum vector operator J will satisfy the commutation relations The eigenvectors |j mj) of the angular momentum operators J2 and Jz satisfy 1 m The ladder operators for angular momentum are defined as Problem 5.3: Angular momentum ladder operators Ladder operators formalism for optical angular momentum transfer and space-variant Pancharatnam-Berry phase Hyunhee Choi, J. H. Woo, and J. W. Wu* Department of Physics and Division of Nano Sciences, Ewha Womans University, Seoul 120-750, South Korea *Corresponding author: jwwu@ewha.ac.kr Received November 26, 2007; revised January 6, 2008; accepted January 28, 2008; posted January 31, 2008. The ladder operators are $L_±=±ℏe^{±iφ} [\frac{∂}{∂θ}±i\cot⁡θ\frac{∂}{∂φ}]$ $L_+ Y_{1/2,1/2}=Aℏe^{iφ}*[e^{iφ/2}*\frac{\cos⁡θ}{[2√(sin. angular momentum of a classical particle is a vector quantity, For 2D motion the angular momentum operator about the . z-axis is The expectation value of the angular momentum for the stationary coherent state and time-dependent wave packet state which are shown below : L. ˆ ˆ = ×. L r p. ˆ ˆ z y. L x p y p. ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ. x ˆ = − ( ) ∑ = ⎟ − ⎠ ⎞ ⎜ ⎝ ⎛ + Φ = N K K N Using the method of nonlinear Lie algebra,the tensors of ladder operators are obtained.These tensors can shift the angular quantum numbers in ±2.Also the properties of the tensors' components and the relationships between angular momentum ladder operator vectors and the components are discussed in this paper.Thus, a conclusion is reached that the components of the 2 rank spherical.

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